When I was little I thought I would be married at 23, kids at 25, blah blah blah. Fast forward and I’m 24 and those things definitely have not happened and the thought of either of them scare the hell out of me. Especially the kids… I literally hide from them in public – mainly because they’re usually overpowering the restaurant music with their high-pitched screams 🙂


When I graduated college two years ago I was so worried about turning the next age and what would come of that year. I turned 22 and soon after I graduated college and moved back to Dallas. I turned 23… then 24. And here I am. Not much has changed. I’m still single and still going out like I was in college (the hangovers are way worse but that doesn’t stop me.)

And to think I expected to be married and have kids around this age… like, honestly, I can barely get myself (and the Taco Bell that I forced my Uber to stop for) home after a night out. One weekend recently I literally woke up with mild hot sauce packets scattered on my bed one night and crushed Cheez-Its next to me under the covers the next. Like how am I a functioning adult who pays bills and makes big decisions? me-at-21-ill-definitely-start-having-kids-before-i-18607691These ages I’m talking about look a lot different for some people though. Not all of my friends love going out. Some of them have kids. Some of them are in serious relationships and prefer to spend their time with their significant others while the rest of us go out and act like we don’t have to live tomorrow. My point is – there isn’t anything wrong with either of those paths. Are they doing it wrong? No. Am I doing it wrong? No. And I’ve realized I have to stop comparing my life to everyone else’s around me.

I don’t feel bad for being single and selfish at 24 while some of my friends are married or very close to that point. Especially when there are 30-something year old guys boys out there telling girls women “they aren’t ready to settle down.”  I feel like the age-old expectation that people need to find someone and get married as quickly as possible is going out of style and honestly I am more than okay with that because I gotta whole lotta living left to do. On the other hand – if the right person comes along, then yeah – you’ll be ready no matter what (yes even you, 31-year-old-man-child who says he’s not ready for a relationship.)

But until then:

Get drunk and eat Taco Bell.

Buy that last-minute plane ticket.

Kiss that guy (or girl.)

And don’t let anyone make you feel like you should be living on anyone’s timeline but your own.

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To wrap up my thoughts on this:

My favorite song right now is “I Could Use a Love Song” by Maren Morris. First of all, this girl is amazing and a total bad ass. Secondly, I love the lyrics of the chorus that say, “I could use a love song that takes me back … to a time when I wouldn’t roll my eyes at a guy and a girl who make it work in a world that for me so far just seems to go so wrong.”

Moral of the song: just because your love life isn’t in full swing at the moment doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate love and keep your heart open for it in the future.

But this song also made me think – just because someone is happy in a relationship and seems to have their life totally figured out already does not make them a better person than you. It just means their timeline different.